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Participants assemble a team consisting of seven professional golfers. You may update your picks weekly. The tournament money winnings for all golfers on a participant's weekly team will be added to determine that participant's score. The top ranking team from each event will win the weekly prize of a CorporateGolfXtra Last Minute membership, valid for one year from the date of your win.

At the end of the PGA Tour season, we will give a full membership in CorporateGolfXtra to the top Team Owner, and last minute memberships to the players in positions 2 & 3

Fantasy League Rules

  • pga2Participants assemble a team consisting of seven professional golfers.

  • Only one weekly team entry is allowed per person.

  • Participants can drop and add golfers from their weekly team throughout the entire season. Weekly team changes must be made prior to the deadline posted at the Game web site will be effective for the remainder of the week. Weekly team changes made after the deadline will not take effect until the following week. Your team will remain the same week-to-week unless you come to the site and change it.

  • pga4Prizes will be sent to the address provided. Players who register without providing complete contact information (first and last name, address phone etc) will be declared the winner, but are not eligible for prizes. We will not accept submission or modification of contact information after the start of the event. This policy is to prevent a player form registering multiple times with incomplete info to avoid detection. There will be NO EXCEPTIONS under any circumstances.

  • Prizes are non-transferable

  • pga3The weekly prize will be a CorporateGolfXtra Last Minute membership, valid for one season.

  • Additional win's will extend the expiry date to a year from each win.

  • If more than one participant has the same score, resulting in a tie for first place for the week, a prize will be awarded to each eligible player tied for first.

  • pga5The golfers on a participant's weekly team start to accrue points with the beginning of the next tournament to follow his or her entry into the Game. All golfers are scored exclusively on the basis of PGA Tour tournament winnings, in US Dollars. The money won by each of your seven PGA Tour pros every week will make up your weekly score.

  • pga1This game is open to all. Only to residents of the Ottawa/Outaouais region are eligible for prizes. If you reside outside the region, defined as 2 hrs drive from Ottawa center. If you live further out than that, you may play the game for enjoyment purposes and have your place noted in the standings.

  • Participants may not enter using multiple e-mail addresses or as multiple participants. Any participant who attempts to enter with multiple e-mail addresses or under multiple identities, or uses any other device to enter multiple times will be disqualified.